Our company is present for decades in the domestic confectionery market with our first decoration sugarpaste, FORMIX.

Due to the dynamic development of our family business we have grown to ourselves. In our work we focus on the manufacturing process of our products; preserving the quality of our goods and value for money as well.

According to the needs of new market trends have developed our new allergen-free SMARTFLEX product line which we plan to expand the color range is constantly adjusted to the requests of our customers.

We are proud of our long-time and correct business cooperation with current resellers. We would like to thank our customers and distributors to work together. We wish you further creative work product users with our goods!

Sincerely the founders of the 4-Mix Kft.:

Zsolt Mészáros & Keve Hódi

What is SmartFlex?

It is a revolutionary, Premium quality cake decoration range, which is now well-known in 13 European countries. It has been increasingly popular and gains new markets year after year. The exceptional success is due to its easy handling and outstanding price / quality ratio.
No qualification is necessary for using Smartflex products, only creativity and some dexterity. Both for enthusi- astic amateurs and professional, award-winning confectioners.Our sugarpastes are exclusively made of premium quality raw materials.
They do not contain any allergens, so people sensitive to lactose or gluten may also enjoy them.

No wonder that the flagship product of the range is Smartflex Velvet, since this unique material is unbelievably versatile.
Smartflex products, in general, are suitable for universal use, however, this is especially true for Velvet. Professional and amateur confectioners use it in numerous ways.
Velvet is used for cake covering as well as making figurines, models, sugar flowers and other masterpieces; it can be coloured, and it can be rolled by hand or machine. Another success is Smartflex Flower, which is a perfect flower paste.
Of course, it is not only suitable for flowers, but it is as universal asVelvet. The main difference between the two materials is that Flower is a denser paste that dries more quickly and better retains its shape, so it is ideal for making detailed works and figurines.

Smartflex products can be rolled finely (2 mm), so it provides for the economical use.

The Velvet and Flower pastes are available in 6 flavours: Almond, Vanilla, Strawberry, Citron, Orange, Cherry.

Our products come with a 100% quality guarantee.


"Pillow covers, freedom of creation!"

FORMIX Product Family


6 flavors


6 flavors

SMARTFLEX Color Velvet

"Unique colors for unique creations"

  • Green Velvet

  • Baby Blue Velvet

  • Baby Pink Velvet

  • Brown Velvet

  • Blue Velvet

  • Yellow Velvet

  • Black Velvet

  • Red Velvet

  • Pink Velvet

  • Orange Velvet

  • Violet Velvet

  • Dark Green Velvet

  • Gray Velvet

  • Skin No1 Velvet

  • Skin No2 Velvet

  • White Velvet


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